Free EP! – Live at Daytrotter

Recorded LIVE May 23, 2014 at Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

Original Program Title: “The Noises That Come Through The Walls and the Dead Floorboards We Creep On.”

Sixteen live shows in seventeen days; one in-studio date. The R_Garcia Band was on a wild ride through the right half of the country when they pulled into Rock Island, IL. After a pit stop for some cold beer and Mexican food, the RGB walked up the many unassuming steps into the grungy ex-radio-station and were greeted by the very cool collection of people & vintage gear that is Daytrotter.

This recording was captured live to 2-tracks with no editing or overdubbing and it showcases the band in a erstwhile configuration using quirky old amplifiers and microphones to capture their modern sound. The result is fantastic, loose, rabble-rousing — yet somehow, dead-on studio work that takes the music back to a time when editing meant razor blades and autotune meant practicing.

We present it here for your downloading pleasure at no cost. You may choose to “pay what you want” if you so desire. We’ll thank you for your patronage either way, and the R_Garcia Band will continue to bring you songs about video games, zombies, super heroes and failed political candidates for many years to come.

The Band:
R. Garcia — Guitar/Sequencer/Voice
Kayla M. Webb — Drums/Percussion/Voice
Lauren Spence — Bass

Recording engineered by Mike Gentry
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney
Thanks to Sean Moeller

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Sup, Yo!

Welcome to our new website! We’ve been playing our butts off for the last couple of years and it feels good to be home again, making new sounds and finishing up some video projects. We’ll have much to share in the coming months, so don’t be a stranger!

<3 Randy, Kayla, & Jake